SCTH will conduct a training course on “Leave No Trace” program in Hail

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SCTH will conduct a training course on “Leave No Trace” program in Hail
SCTH representing the “Leave No Trace” program will run a training session from next Sunday for three days (17-19 November 2015), in the Hail city for a number of educational institutions coming under the Dept. of Education, as well as the Technical College and the Hail University.

An introductory lecture on the “Leave No Trace” program will be presented within the training course highlighting SCTH’s educational efforts in the preservation of the environment and environmental problems facing tourism destinations in the Kingdom.

In addition, it will provide a detailed explanation of the principles of the program and the role of citizens and partners in the public and private sectors to stop destruction and devastation of this important national asset. 

The program will conduct field visits to a number of environmentally affected locations such as Mashar National Park, Turan Park, and Wadi Zaleel, in order to train the students on the ethics and behaviors in dealing with natural environment and how to enjoy those environments without affecting them negatively,  whether natural resources of like flora and fauna, water and mountains or properties in the public domain.

The program then will launch a campaign to clean up those sites in order to engage the students in such a national responsibility for preserving the natural and public properties and protecting them from damage or destruction.

The program aims to enhance the awareness and citizen’s participation in the preservation of natural areas and protect them from vandalism.  The program is utilizing the most successful international experiences. in the development of eco-tourism and reduce damage to the natural environment components, and highlight the Kingdom as a cultural destination.

Ecotourism is one of the world's main tourist patterns that has grown between 10-20% every year.  It requires persistence to sustain the integrity of the natural environment as a positive influence on tourism activity.