The Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques Cultural Heritage Program

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The cultural heritage of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has been enjoying great attention from the Saudi leadership, where the government so far has issued a number of important resolutions for the interest of the cultural heritage, including a Royal Decree on the Islamic history sites in Makkah and Al Madinah, a Royal Decree for approving the project of Caring of the Kingdom’s Cultural Heritage which is considered as an important national and historical project, besides the Royal Decree No. 3/M, dated 01/11/2014, for approving the Antiquities, Museums and Urban Heritage regulations. 
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  • Introducing Program

  • Program ObjectivesOpen or Close
  • Program MissionOpen or Close
  • Program MessageOpen or Close
  • Program Routes

  • 1- Caring of Islamic History SitesOpen or Close
  • 2- Establishment, rehabilitation and preparation of museums and archeological sites across the provinces and municipalitiesOpen or Close
  • 3- Operation and maintenance of museums and archeological sitesOpen or Close
  • 4- Preservation of urban heritage sites and development of heritage villagesOpen or Close
  • 5- Record and preserve antiquities and archeological excavation and discoveriesOpen or Close
  • 6- Museums and archeological sites programs and activities, including the followingOpen or Close
  • 7- Handicraft developmentOpen or Close
  • 8- Raising awareness on and introducing the urban heritage, through the followingOpen or Close
  • 9- Attracting and developing required human resources to manage the national heritageOpen or Close
  • 10- Cultural heritage eventsOpen or Close

For review: Cultural Heritage Development Projects