Other Qualifications

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Certified Civil Aviation Pilot:
  1. Ministry of Defense and Aviation - Presidency of Civil Aviation of Saudi Arabia
  2. Ministry of Transportation - Federal Aviation Authority, the United States of America
  3. Civilian pilot (Airline Transport + Pilot - ATP) multi-engine ground landing aircraft (jets) GIV, LEARJET, G-115K
  4. Commercial pilot - single-engine ground landing aircraft gliders (Glider Aero Tow)
  5. Private pilot - single-engine maritime landing aircraft, helicopters and single-engine ground aircraft, jet aircraft HS-125, CE500
  6. More than (5000) flight hours 
 Royal Saudi Air Force Training Program:
  1. 1405 H /(1985) King Faisal Air Force College Riyadh
  2. 1410 H/ (1990) King Abdul Aziz Airbase in Dhahran